How to buy a T-Shirt for life

You know the shirt. You got it at a road race in 2008, or a bar crawl, or a bachelor party for your friend who’s been divorced more recently than the last time you wore it. Maybe you wear it to the gym, or to mow the lawn, but for most of its sad life it’s been stuffed in the back corner of the dresser drawer. Why? Maybe because it has too much text, or because it fits awkwardly, or because it doesn’t actually feel that good against your skin. But why? Because it’s cheap. It’s made with no care for longevity, quality, or comfortability. It’s simply a shirt to buy in bulk, as cheaply as possible; the backbone of fast fashion. The average T-Shirt out there is not much of a step above. So how can you identify a quality T-Shirt in a sea of choices? One that you can wear for years, decades to come; grow into it, wear it in.

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